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the installation process of onboard tablet

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For starters, you’ll want to find the proper wiring map for you car.Before you do anything however, it’s definitely a good idea to open up the dash, unhook the currently installed radio, and familiarize yourself with what you are dealing with. First and foremost, make sure that wiring harness you’ve purchased matches up with the connections inside your dash, and if they don’t match, you have the wrong wiring harness. As mentioned, I had quite a bit of trouble in this regard, and with very little documentation available on the exact configuration I had, I ended up having to install an factory amp and splice the factory wires to make it work. That said, there is a very good chance that you won’t have to do this, but there is a workaround if needed as well. If everything is a match, you are ready to start splicing. Use the color codes on the wiring harness packaging to match the wires from the head unit, and it is very likely that they are all the same colors. For example, yellow to yellow for power, green for left rear speaker positive, green with black for left rear negative, and so on. Once all the wires are connected together, remove the pins and wires from the plastic connectors, which can be done pretty easily with a small screw driver. Then take the wiring from your car that you found and re-pin your wiring harness to match up with the wires inside the vehicle, with left front speaker positive to left front speaker positive, and so on and so forth. This task does require your full attention and can be pretty daunting at first, but will get easier as you go along. A useful tip here is to cross-reference the color codes with a picture you can take of the wires in the dash. Of course, this will result in a complete mess of wires coming out of the amp, and this where some of the zip ties, to keep things clean and tangle free, come in handy. Now will be a good time to check whether you’ve succeeded in your wiring attempts. Remove the stereo for the car dashboard, disconnect all the hookups, and attach your new wiring harness and amp. Connect the RCA to 3.5 mm adapter to the amp input, and plug in the Bluetooth adapter into this as well. Connect a phone or tablet to the Bluetooth adapter and play some music. If you’re now hearing that music through your car speakers, you are on the right track.

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