Frequently Asked Questions And Answers
  • Q 1.Onboard tablet

    1.1 The application in the smart terminal click interface does not respond
    First click the back button to return to the main interface. If still no response, press the reset button to restart.
    1.2 Movies, music cannot play Enter the settings interface, check whether the terminal's Wi-Fi is set correctly and connected.
  • Q 2.1 Forget the router login account

    A 2.1.1Long press the reset button, restore the default factory setting. After restoring setting, the web login address is [], login user name and password: root
  • Q 2.2 Wi-Fi signal is not stable,which may be caused by the following conditions.

    2.2.1 Loose contact when the device is moving, turn it off, then restart
    2.2.2 SIM card is not standard big card, which leads to loose contact
    2.2.3 The device is not covered by a local mobile operator network
    2.2.4 GMS network base station equipment power is in shortage
  • Q 2.3 About uplink and downlink rate

    2.3.1 The communication module is LTE Cat 4 wireless communication module designed by “Quectel Wireless Solutions”, the global leading wireless module supplier, for M2M and IoT. It adopts 3GPP Rel. 11 LTE technology, theoretically, it supports the maximum downlink rate of 150Mbit/s and the maximum uplink rate of 50Mbit/s. However, in practical applications, it may be restricted by factors such as base station equipment, operator technology and router's "QoS traffic control" function, which results in that users cannot play video smoothly, or quickly browse high- definition pictures or GIF dynamic diagrams.
    2.3.2 But in practical application, the important factor affecting the rate of LTE includes the following several aspects:
    a.Whether the system setting is correct
    b.Mobile terminal factor
    c.Base station hardware and transmission factor
    d.Base station radio frequency fault (RRU) or standing-wave ratio alarm, base station antenna port part failure, antenna power imbalance
    e.GPS failure or clock synchronization failure
    f.Base station BBU baseband processing ability decline
    g.DU software failure
    h.Transmission bandwidth restriction
    i.Wireless environmental impact (directly affect SINR)
    j.Can’t make main coverage due to power parameters are not rational, which causes low SINR
    k.Overlapping coverage
    m.Over coverage
    n.Weak indoor coverage
    o.Switching problem
  • Q 3.1 All indicators do not light up after power-on

    3.1.1 Check whether the power input cable is connected correctly and check whether the power supply voltage is normal.
    3.1.2 If the above conditions are met and correct and all indicators are off, the device may be malfunctioning, please contact your local service provider or device supplier.
  • Q 3.2 User cannot search the device’s WiFi

    3.2.1 Confirm whether the terminal used by the user is enabled with the wireless network card, and whether the network card configuration supports the wlan frequency band supported by the terminal (mobile phone, tablet).
    3.2.2 It is confirmed that the terminal network card is intact, and the other wlan signals in the surroundings can be scanned, but the wlan network of the used device is still not searched, and the wlan network can also not be searched by using other terminals, then the device is faulty.
    3.2.3 Log in to the cloud server background page, enter the wireless settings - virtual AP settings, check whether the device has been configured with an available VAP, and whether the configured SSID is the broadcast SSID; enter the wireless settings - wireless advanced parameter settings, check whether the wireless parameter configuration is correct (such as country code, power, frequency band, etc., for detailed parameter configuration, please refer to the local SIM operator or obtain from the supplier after-sales technical support department).
    3.2.4 If the problem persists, please restore to factory default settings. If it could not be used after re-configuration, please contact the local service provider or the device supplier.
  • Q 3.3 User cannot access the internet and the device cannot dial normally

    A 3.3.1 Check whether the SIM card is installed correctly and whether the 4G antenna is connected properly.
    3.3.2 If the above conditions are met, please contact your local mobile network operator to check if the SIM card is out of service due to overdue bill.
  • Q 3.4 User’s WiFi is connected normally, but no authentication interface would pop up after any website is clicked

    A 3.4.1 After connecting to WiFi and entering any website, the page cannot go to the local entertainment page, and confirm whether the client obtains the address through DHCP.
    3.4.2 If the user has configured correctly, please contact your local service provider or the device supplier when a local entertainment page or other website could not pop up after changing a different browser.
  • Q 3.5 User’s WiFi is connected normally, the authentication interface pops up after inputting the corresponding domain name, but the local video cannot be played

    A 3.5.1 Check whether the hard disk inside the device is intact or loose. If the hard disk is loose, fasten it; if the hard disk has been damaged, please contact your local service provider or device supplier to replace it.
    3.5.2 Check if there is any playable local video in the hard disk used.
    3.5.3 When confirming that you are still unable to play videos using different browsers, please contact your local service provider or device supplier.
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