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the benefits of onboard tablets

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Tablets are not just a great source of entertainment. They can be used for many purposes such as navigation in a car that does not have a built-in system. However, the awkward size and hands-free laws in many states prohibit the use of such devices. The solution is to mount your tablet to a holder in your vehicle. A tablet provides a larger screen than a phone, so it’s easier to get all the information you need at a glance. With a tablet and a decent stereo system, you can stream your music, podcasts, and more right onto your screen. You can even play movies for passengers, turning even the most basic autos into mobile entertainment systems. Whether you use Apple, Android, or another type of operating system, a mounted tablet can take your ho-hum car to a plush ride. The onborard ablet's interface works through touch. The finger is used to tap on the screen to click buttons and other user interface elements instead of using a mouse. Multi-finger gestures allow the user to perform more complex functions such as zooming in and out, swiping between applications quickly or returning to the home screen. Experts say touch allows the user to navigate in a more intuitive way.

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