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how to install onboard USB chrger?

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It is always best to follow the instructions with the battery charger very carefully. These instructions will tell you how to hook up each of the wires and, if necessary, how to extend the wire length. When you install your new charger, be sure to note the location of the in-line fuses for each of the wire leads. These in-line fuses are usually located only a few inches from the battery terminals. After your installation is complete, you should plug the electrical cord from the charger into your extension cord. Now you can check to see that the charger is operating properly. Your instruction manual will tell you what the indicator lights mean. Most chargers have a red, green and yellow indicator light for each battery. If at any time you see a red light, this is a sign of a problem with the charger. Check your wire leads to see that they are on the proper battery post (red to positive and black to negative). If all your contacts are correct then check the fuses. That red light may be indicating something as simple as a loose or blown fuse. Once you have located and corrected the cause of the red light, you should then see the indicator lights turn yellow. This indicates that the battey is being charged. When the battery is fully charged, the light will turn to green. If you would like to make using your on-board charger even more convenient, you might consider installing a recessed wall mount for your extension cord plug in. This plug in mounts to any convenient wall; the electrical wires are then hooked up to the recessed plug.

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