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different types of VOD

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Any video content creator can turn a loyal audience into a successful VOD business. To get you started, here are the 3 most popular ways to monetize your videos: The SVOD, or Subscription Video-On-Demand, model gives viewers full access to a video library for a recurring monthly or annual fee. These paid subscriptions give viewers all their favorite content on one platform with no ads or popups. The majority of VOD users prefer to spend money on subscription plans. The CMO Survey reports that viewers spend 65% of their time at home watching SVOD services. TVOD (Transactional Video-On-Demand) TVOD, or Transactional Video-On-Demand, uses a pay-per-view format. Customers make one-time purchases to access specific content. TVOD-based businesses can make more money upfront by charging a slightly higher fee per purchase. This is because they’re usually focused on one-time transactions, and customers looking for these videos will pay a higher price for the specific video they want. However, in this model TVOD businesses have to make sure the quantity of purchases stays high enough to earn a steady profit – and that can be hard work. Our suggestion – use SVOD and TVOD together. Offering subscriptions and individual transactions give you an even higher earning potential. AVOD (Advertising Video-On-Demand) AVOD, or Advertising Video-On-Demand, is essentially “free” for viewers because there’s no up-front cost to watch. AVOD revenue comes from businesses paying to advertise with short commercials throughout your videos. For viewers, this is a familiar setup because it feels like cable TV, where they tune in to watch shows for the “price” of watching ads.

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