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advantage of onboard internet router

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As many districts transition to distance learning for the remainder of the 2019–2020 school year, digital equity for students has become more imperative than ever. For students without Internet at home, accessing and completing online assignments can be very challenging. One solution gaining momentum across the country? onboard internet router. onboard internet router is typically used to provide Internet access to students traveling on their daily routes or to and from school events, such as football games and field trips. It also provides additional benefits that enhance student safety, such as Student Ridership, GPS, and camera offload. With the recent surge in school closures due to COVID-19, these buses are no longer transporting students. But the Internet access they provide is not going to waste. Districts have started re-purposing their WiFi-equipped buses to create community Internet hotspots for students and their families. Main Functions: 1.Powerful radio access capability.The device supports both 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz WiFi, Dual Core 800MHz CPU, WiFi speed arrives to 1Gbps, allowing 100 users to be online at the same time. 2.Super fast Internet experience.4G LTE speed is up to 150Mbp, compatible with HSPA+, UMTS, WCDMA network. What is more, Dual module Dual SIM cards is also an option to achieve stable network. 3.Extensive local program storage.Integrated with large capacity hard disk (default is128G SSD) and WEB Server, operators can storage rich programs, like music, movies, news, games and others 4.Flexible way to can upgrade local programs through USB, WiFi, FTP, and 4G. All equipments in the network can be configured from one-stop cloud platform. 5.User authentication.Users can access internet through authentication from SMS, QQ, Email, and Twitter. Operator also can choose Free Authentication mode. 6.Internet behavior management.Optimize the user network, regulate online behavior. Statistics User access path, boosting advertising and marketing precision 7.Industrial grade designment.Low-voltage, over current, over voltage, anti-reverse protection 8.Advertising cloud management platform.Operators just need to import the ads(Video or Image) to different modules on the backstage ad templates. Then the ads will upgrade easily from the platform.

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