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How on-board charge works

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The onboard charger in every electric vehicle come equipped with, for charging the vehicle takes AC from the outside using a fancy cable and converts that charge into DC and transfer it to the batteries for storage. Hence, the cost to charge an EV at public charging stations varies by a reasonable amount. The Onboard few stations are free while others can cost over twice as much as home charging. An onboard charger (OBC) is used in an electric vehicle (EV) or hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) to charge the traction battery. These onboard charger system described in the material below converts the AC input from the grid to a DC input which charges the battery. Hence, the batteries can be damaged or even catch fire if the temperature or terminal voltage exceeds safe limits, so all battery chargers especially those for EVs must carefully regulate charging power and ultimately shut down the battery is full charging is in two stages. The discharged battery can usually safely absorb all the power the charger can provide, this is the bulk stage. In addition, the onboard chargers' battery temperature voltage increase to some preset limit, at which point the charger ramps down the power to stay under those limits, this is the absorption stage. This is on-board charging terminates when the current drops under a preset minimum, a timer expires, the battery gets too hot, or when a user-selected percentage is reached. The recent advantage of an AC charging station is that the onboard charger will regulate the voltage and current as required for the EV hence it is not mandatory for the charging station to talk to the EV.

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