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Cooperation BYD and Castrosua for eBus Production in Spain

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BYD has signed a framework agreement with the Spanish bus manufacturer Castrosua. Both companies agreed to collaborate to produce eco-friendly customised 12-metre eBuses in Spain, specifically for the Spanish market. The first product will be a BYD-Castrosua 12-metre eBus, consisting of a BYD chassis with electric powertrain and the Castrosua NELEC body.

BYD bus

The first BYD-Castrosua 12-metre eBus is already under development as both companies emphasize in their joined press release and will soon be available for operation under the CE regulations. The new bus has the latest BYD chassis with optimised battery life and ultra-safe performance will adapt to Castrosua NELEC bodywork. BYD and Castrosua will focus on producing tailor-made Class I and Class II buses for urban and commuter use. The agreement will also jointly offer an after-sales service, with customer-oriented technical support from both sides, as well as spare parts supply. Javier Contijoch, BYD Europe eBus Vice President of Sales, said: “We highly value our local partnerships and it is especially significant that the tailor-made eBuses will be manufactured locally in Spain, for Spanish customers.”

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