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Ankai Electric City Buses Work Smoothly in Uruguay

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In 2019, Canelones State in Uruguay introduced the first electric bus, an 8.5-meter bus from Ankai. Since then, the electric bus has been working smoothly, providing greener and more comfortable transportation services for local residents.

Ankai Electric City Buses Work Smoothly in Uruguay

“There’s literally no noise on (Ankai) bus and its air-conditioning system is superb”, said a local resident. “It has spacious room for passengers and its seat can be adjusted according to passengers’ height”, added the resident.

“The (Ankai) bus get recharged at night and is able to meet the heavy transportation tasks in the daytime”, said a bus driver.

Ankai Electric City Buses Work Smoothly in Uruguay

In recent years, Uruguay has been making great efforts to promote greener and sustainable development. To provide more conveniences for citizens, it has been introducing Ankai electric buses. So far, Ankai has already established a solid presence in South America. In addition, the bus maker has already built a well-connected sales network across the continent.

Apart from South America, Ankai new energy buses have also made their way to France, Italy, India, Israel, etc., providing greener transportation and unprecedented travel comforts for passengers across the globe.

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