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what's the on-board internet router?

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On-board internet router specially designed for passengersto connect to internet in the scene of long-distance bus, tourist bus, passenger train and cruise ship. They adopt powerful Qualcomm Atheros processor and Wi-Fi module with strong anti interference ability and excellent transmission ability, so that the device can work stably in various complex environments and deal with various applications calmly; they also adopt the world's leading Texas Instruments technology to provide continuous protection for the power supply when the equipment is under high energy impact during operation.Both 4G and Wi-Fi transmission adopt our patent technology of built-in combined antenna, which supports the connection with multiple mobile terminal devices. They also support a variety of online authentication methods and image advertising. LT-BS01G supports cloud platform management and maintenance which can reduce management cost and improves operation efficiency.A large number of precision electronic devices are used in the design and manufacture of the products, which have passed the EMC test verification; the shell is made of PC material with excellent flame retardant resistance from LG company, which meets the flame retardant and odor verification test standards; Onboard Internet Router is a high performance industrial router which is suitable f or vehicle environment. The frequency of the CPU is 560MHz which can deal with a variety of applications easily. Based on the excellent performance and strong anti-interference ability of Atheros WIFI technology, it works very stable in various complex mobile communication environment. The working temperature range of the equipment is -40 C to 85 C which makes it possible to install in most indoor and outdoor mobile work environment in the world.

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