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the importance of onboard internet router

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Years ago, the most common questions guests asked upon stepping aboard a yacht were about where to stash a sea bag, finding their stateroom, and the day’s itinerary and forecast. In 2021, two other questions loom larger: the yacht’s Wi-Fi network name and its password. For most landlubbers, the source of connectivity is irrelevant, so long as the speeds are fast, there’s a good signal throughout the vessel, and their data is secure. One not-so-humble piece of equipment helps to ensure that those things are all true. A wireless router is the device that distributes a secure signal to onboard computers, multifunction displays and networked devices. The router also creates the wireless local area network on the yacht. These routers—known as access points, or APs in industry parlance—are typically black boxes with software that replaces most hard-button interface controls. After equipping a yacht with the right antennas and airtime plans, choosing the best routers can make the most difference in terms of signal strength and access on board. Unlike most marine-specific equipment, routers typically work equally well ashore and aboard. One difference, however, is that while terrestrial-based routers typically deal with a single signal (such as Comcast internet), onboard routers often deal with three: satellite, cellular and long-range Wi-Fi signals.some routers can combine cellular, satellite and Wi-Fi signals, as well as simultaneously use multiple internet connections to bolster data-transfer speeds and bandwidth. Determining how far internet signals can travel from a router and how many APs are required to deliver a signal evenly across a yacht can get complicated. Success often depends on the distances and the boatbuilding materials involved.

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