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onboard USB charger makes life easy

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Since first being introduced to the boating market several years ago, the on-board battery charger has become a must-have accessory for most boaters. This is especially true if your boat is equipped with a trolling motor. The trolling motor does not have an alternator and, therefore, cannot recharge its batteries like your outboard motor does. The trolling motor continually drains the batteries while it is being used, and it is up to you to hook up a charger and recharge the batteries when you return home. Before the advent of the onboard charger, you would have to get out your portable charger, hook it up to the battery (one battery at a time), and plug it in to be recharged. You then had to remember to go back out to the boat the next day and unplug the first battery and plug in the second battery. If your boat has more than two batteries you would have to repeat the process for each additional battery. An on-board chargers is actually one, two, three or four battery chargers built into a single housing. You simply purchase the charger that matches the number of batteries in your boat. Install the charger in a convenient location so that you can see the indicator lights and monitor the charging process for each battery. There will be a set of wires (positive and negative) for each battery. Install one set of wires to each battery. Next you plug the extension cord into an appropriate electrical outlet, and the charger does the rest.

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