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Zhongtong V60 Buses Start Operation on Campus in Heilongjiang Province

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Recently, Northeast Agricultural University (NEAU) located in Heilongjiang Province officially opened its first bus route on campus. Zhongtong V60 buses have been designated as the carriers to provide greener and more convenient transportation services for students and teachers on campus.


According to NEAU, the university covers an area of 4.964 million square meters and has nearly 30,000 students. To improve the travel conveniences for students and teachers, NEAU joined hands with Harbin Public Transport Co., Ltd. (a subsidiary of Harbin Transport Group) and launched the first on-campus bus route in Heilongjiang Province.

With a one-way distance of six kilometers, the bus route connects teaching buildings, cafeterias and dormitories. Students can travel on campus by bus by swiping their student’s card.


Entirely powered by electricity, Zhongtong V60 has an attractive appearance and has already become a new star in the market. Targeted for more customized passenger transportation, the bus has USB portals, reading lamps and an emergency kit.


In addition, Zhongtong V60 is readily adaptable to the extremely harsh weather conditions in Harbin, especially during the winter season thanks to its advanced insulation technology and EIC system. To deal with the frosty weather and the slippery icy roads, Zhongtong V60 is equipped with electronically controlled stabilizing system, which greatly improves the bus’ overall safety standards. In addition, its intelligent control and improved design fully prevent the freezing of pipes on the bus and help it brake more reliably.

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