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The advantage of VOD server

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Video on Demand is a booming sector in 2020. The industry is projected to grow to nearly $90 billion by 2024. And with streaming services like Netflix and Disney+ dominating traditional providers, it’s no wonder why. For consumers, Video on Demand is a convenient way to binge shows and movies. No need to check what time shows come on or record for later. You can easily pick your favorite program and watch as much or as little as you like. VOD sparked the beginning of “binge watching,” since viewers can easily watch a whole season of a show upon release. For businesses, VOD translates to consistent revenue and more monetization options. There are a variety of OTT business models to choose from, which we covered in a previous article. Between ad-supported networks (AVOD) subscription-based networks (SVOD) and everything in between, you can generate lots of revenue from audiences of all sizes. VOD content is all pre-recorded and pre-uploaded, so the user can choose to pause, rewind, fast forward, and control how they watch it.

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