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How to troubleshoot onboard audio

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If your computer has onboard audio that is currently not working, the following troubleshooting steps may help you fix the problem. Troubleshooting onboard audio.Verify the sound card is enabled in BIOS setup. The majority of all onboard sound cards can be enabled or disabled in BIOS.Once this setting is verified as enabled or installed in BIOS setup, verify that the sound is working correctly. If you are planning on purchasing a new sound card and have onboard audio, it's highly recommended you disable the onboard audio before installing the new sound card. Below are two methods for disabling onboard audio. The majority of all onboard sound cards can be enabled or disabled in BIOS setup. For additional information on how to get into the BIOS, see: Computer BIOS help and support. If your computer doesn't have an option in BIOS setup to disable onboard audio, the motherboard should have a jumper that can be set to disabled. If neither of these options are available, the onboard audio should be automatically disabled when a new sound card is detected. Refer to the motherboard manual or contact your computer or motherboard manufacturer for additional information.

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